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About Greeley
Remove & Refresh

The idea for the Remove & Refresh division of Greeley was conceived in a wake of unfortunate news. General Motors announced that the company would be shutting down operations at its Oshawa plant. Unfortunately, this would have a ripple effect for all of the local tiered suppliers, forcing many to also close their doors as General Motors consolidated its operations. At this time, General Motors and its tiered suppliers accounted for a majority of Greeley’s revenue.

Determined to succeed this unfortunate event and continue to offer gainful employment for Greeley employees, company CEO Brenda Kelly began thinking of a solution. Driving on highway 401 on her way back from a meeting at General Motors, Brenda heard an ad on the radio for a junk removal company. She began to wonder why this company focused solely on this service, when many other services were often also purchased at the same time. This led to the idea of a one-stop shop for customers that offered all of the commonly required services that were used together. After researching to confirm that a company did not already offer this service, Greeley Remove & Refresh was established.

Offering unparalleled efficient and quality work

Proudly owned & operated in the Durham region, Greeley Remove & Refresh is the best solution for all your junk removal, painting, and cleaning needs. Get a free quote, or give us a call today!

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